In this article you will learn how to reenroll your Apple iPhone into the Intune Company Portal. This will allow you to access CPS Company Resources from your mobile device.

If you have any issues during this process, please contact the Service Desk at:


  • Intune Company Portal Application


Step 1 – Navigate to Settings > General > Device Management

Step 2 – Select the CPS Management Profile then click on Remove Management. Enter the password for your iPhone when prompted.

Step 3 – Now that the previous profile has been removed, navigate to the “Company Portal” app on your phone. You will then be prompted to set up your device.

Step 4 – Select Continue from the bottom of the screen. When asked to select device enrollment type select “CPS Owns This Device” – even if it is your personal device. Then press "Continue".

Step 5 – Review the privacy info on the next page and select Continue. You will then be prompted to download a new Management Profile. When the pop up appears select Allow”.

Step 6 – After the download is complete select "Continue".

Step 7 – Now that the Management Profile has been downloaded, we need to install it. The next screen will tell us how to do this. Switch back to the Phone Settings application > General > Profile.

Step 8 – Select Management Profile, then Install from the top right.

Step 9 – Enter the password for your iPhone, then confirm the "Install" from the top right.

Step 10 – When the pop up appears select “Trust”. Wait for the profile to finish installing then select "done".

Step 11 – To finish up, return to the Company Portal application. When prompted to select a device category use Corporate Owned Device” and select "Continue".

Step 12 – Select "Continue" to check the device settings. Select “Manage” when the pop up appears. Select “Done” to complete the process.


You have successfully learned how to reenroll your Apple iPhone into Intune Company Portal. If further assistance is needed, please contact the Service Desk.